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Thread: S2 Custom 24 -- vs -- Custom 24. What are your thoughts??

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    S2 Custom 24 -- vs -- Custom 24. What are your thoughts??

    Hello PRS guitar players!

    So I've really been eyeing the new S2 Custom 24 and I've gotta say, I like it. I think I've decided to get this one. But I haven't really played the real Custom 24 before. But I also can't afford it. I just want to know if there's really that much of a difference between the two and if it's really worth saving for a longer time to get the real Custom 24. Is there any reason to not buy the S2 version?
    All your answers are appreciated!
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    Point one -- Thought the S2 C24 was very nice and a good value for the $$$.

    Point two -- For near the same price or maybe a couple hundred bucks more, you can get a used "core" C24 -- And I think you'd appreciate the difference.

    S'just me... YMMV, etc.
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    Save for the "real" Cu24.

    if you're already second guessing yourself you will always be thinking about the more expensive one.

    I don't want to knock the S2 line, but there is a reason for the difference in price!
    Thank´s for reading!

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    First off, I know your dilemma, because I just went through it. I played the S2, and it was the best guitar I had ever played. But I kept wondering about the core. Also, the core is not a couple of hundred more. The S2 is 2x the SE (~699 vs ~1399), and the core is 2x the S2 (~1399 vs ~2700). Even used on ebay, you are looking at at least 2200. And I am one of those people who likes a new guitar that is all mine.

    That being said, the S2 wasn't exactly cheap, so if I was going to spend alot of money, I thought I would just spend 2x alot of money. Besides, my wife is expecting our first in July, so I figured if I didn't get it now, I wouldn't have a change for, like, 18 years Still scared, because I bought it online without playing it, but I figured it had to play at least as nice as the S2 (looking for a little validation if anyone has any here, because the guitar is in transit). If you are interested, there is a certain online store that is offering 24 month 0% financing until the end of the year. I couldn't pass it up.

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    I would search for a nice used Custom 24. Plenty of deals out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfb View Post
    I would search for a nice used Custom 24. Plenty of deals out there.
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    I'd buy the S2, if you've played it and like it. Seems silly to me to buy something that isn't affordable that you haven't even played, because it's theoretically "better," which let's face it, varies from person to person.

    Plenty of players prefer a Les Paul Junior to a "real" Les Paul, etc. More expensive/fancy isn't necessarily the same thing as "better."

    I love the core line of guitars, and that's what I play currently, but everything really comes down to the individual guitar. I had a 2008 Mira that was more what I heard in my head than a lot of the higher end models PRS makes, and foolishly let it go.

    If, down the road, you're still thinking about a more expensive one, and can do it more comfortably, they'll still be making 'em.
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    I bought a SE Santana about a year ago. Liked it so much I bought a second SE Santana when Sweetwater had it on sale. I now had 2 Santanas and a Les Paul Studio, not to mention my 36 year old LP custom.
    When the S2's came out I was very interested so I found that Sam Ash in Nashville had some S2's in stock. Took one of the SE Santanas and the LP studio with me and ended up trading both for the S2 custom 24.

    It's a fantastic guitar and I have no regrets. It sounds much better than the LP Studio and personally I think it is better sounding that the old LP custom. I still play the SE Santana sometimes at church but have no regrets with the S2 custom 24. It's a great guitar, you will not be disappointed..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfb View Post
    I would search for a nice used Custom 24. Plenty of deals out there.
    Plenty of nice used CU24s for well under 2k, some lower than 1500 if you look hard enough.
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    I tried one out.
    It's definitely what PRS is aiming for as far as filling the gap between core stuff and SE stuff.If that's your price range,and if you want to go new,it's the ticket.

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