As I watch this place remain neutral ground for so many long-standing PRS bloggers, I am compelled to congratulate each of you for your strength of character and the individual commitment you've all made. The clean slate policy is clearly real for many of you. It shows class. It certainly is an expression of Love - something we musicians have in surplus.

There will probably be one or two people "on a mission" to prove that peace cannot last. The hard part about that inherent Truth is that it only takes one stone over the fence to ignite a war for the other 499 of us. It will take all of us to keep things working as nicely as they seem to be working. And... it will take people on each side of old discussions to urge trusted friends along the path of peace.

If you get hit with a stone, don't pick it up and throw it back. Report the thread. There is a button to do so on every post. You have my word - we'll handle it with respect for everyone involved - even the offender.

I cannot help but wonder what the rest of the world will find when our existence is revealed through Twitter and/or FaceBook. Three days ago they would have found a few hundred happy people and 2 or 3 working through some tough (and justifiable) feelings. Today, they would find nearly 500 people who have opened their heart to a new possibility.

Thank you for your part in that. I am incredibly proud.