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Thread: One KILLER Custom DGT Just In!

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    I did NOT need to see this... interested in an ME Quattro as trade?
    - cyclops

    Too many PRS to list in 5 lines...

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    That would look really cool parked next to my Challenger RT!
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    I guess it's ok..........
    PRS Guitars Endorsee....White and Relic'd Ones !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jet Whitey View Post
    I guess it's ok..........
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    Brian you get some killer stuff!
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    DUDE !
    Sweet !

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    That thing is just nasty. I'd feel bad for covering such a great flametop but I really like how it was done!
    Paul Reed Smith 7 - S t r i n g A c t i v i s t | Fueled by P T C

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