Short of actually sawing through the many different neck carves that are out there, does anybody have access to any 3-dimensional scanners that could be used to map out the many variations of neck carves for a side-by-side (or overlapping) comparison? I've seen lots of questions (here and other boards combined) asking about the differences, but hands-on descriptions are somewhat subjective and open to argument. If we had something like this picture that could overlay a Pattern and Wide-Fat, a Wide-Thin and Pattern-Thin, etc... it might answer some questions definitively (and satisfy my curiosity).

Of course, 'Pattern' isn't big enough for some people, and this wouldn't fix that, but I'd actually be very curious what the changes from the old carves to the new really look like.

(this picture is from a Telecaster blog, but has a few others thrown in for comparison)