Hi all

I've been searching the site and these forums for an answer, and was hoping that someone could give a quick response as to what to do. I'm finally going to spring for a new guitar, but I would like a different color than what is offered. Specifically, I'm looking for a P22, and the two colors that I really like are now discontinued.

My questions:
1. For any special order, must I contact a local dealer (I do know two) who would place the order for me?
2. Can I order a color that is no longer offered? I'm thinking Black Cherry or Raspberry. I can't believe that neither of those is offered anymore. In fact, there isn't a true "red" color offered at all, which blows my mind. (Not counting bursts, of course.)
3. If I can order a custom color, will it dramatically effect the price of the guitar? Or will it simply mean that I have to wait longer to get the finished guitar?

Any feedback that can be offered is appreciated.