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Thread: NGM! PRS Swamp Ash Studio

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    NGM! PRS Swamp Ash Studio

    I picked this up about a month ago and wanted to put it through its paces before I posted a NGD post...& then BAM died, so here we go! Iíve owned a lot of PRSi over the years, but this is the 1st Iíve bought new, and from their newer model lineup.

    Easily the most versatile PRS I've ever owned...after some pickup height adjustments, I can dial in tones ranging from Stratty quack, to a Tele middle or bridge PUP, to ballsy 'bucker tones with the flick of the 5 way, coil tap, or volume knob adjustments. The 5708s and Narrowfields truly are as amazing as Iíve heard Ė clear but full and respond nicely both clean and when driven! The sustain on this thing is incredible. I gigged with it for the first time on Saturday, and it sounded great/cut through no matter which pickup I was on, & the volume control was very responsive.

    Still getting used to the Patter Regular neck, mainly in the open position, but overall is comfortable/very smooth...I've been a long time Wide-Thin fan, and never really got along with Wide Fats. But this neck feels much closer to a Wide Thin to me, but is slightly more rounded and less flat to my hands. It definitely does not seem to have the depth or shoulders of a Pattern or Wide Fat, but perhaps the narrower nut width creates a difference in feel.

    Still adjusting to the jumbo frets too, but so far so good. Iíve never been heavy handed, but if they help me to apply even less pressure when fretting, Iím willing to get used to them! Tried it a few days with 11s but think I might go back down to 10s as thatís what Iím used to.

    The new V12 finish looks/feels greatÖdefinitely is thinner than poly, and really lets the guitar resonate well. As for the color, the MODCAT code says custom color, and PRS confirmed it is custom and a variation of their Tobacco Burst (no kidding )Öwhatever it is, I love it, and that itís a contour burst!

    The new open back Phase III tunersÖawesome, very accurate, and the bigger tuning knobs are handier than I wouldíve expected.

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    Re: NGM! PRS Swamp Ash Studio

    Congrats, nice axe. Love the maple necks on those swampys. Got any close ups of the flame on the back of that neck.
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