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Thread: In preparation for something incoming.....lets see you triple soapbar PRS's

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    Quote Originally Posted by markie View Post
    Semi Hollow. But Yes, The body is thick above the hollow section.
    Great Color, BTW!

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    Another I used to own. I auctioned this off for Charity ~~~

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    Cant wait to see it Wedge.
    You've seen my McSoapy. Nothing spectacular but super sexy in ALL BLACK...SO BLACK...NONE MORE BLACK.
    Gotta love some p90s man.
    They ARE the perfect wife. You know...a dirty old WHORE when you want her to be but you can still take her to a formal do.
    From Puke to Pretty. Every arsenal needs a P90 guitar.
    Man...throw those things into some openG tuning, raise the action a touch and pull out your favorite slide and...well it just gets NO better.

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    Too close to the casinos in CT.........
    Blaren it is in bad taste to tease me about a guitar you told me was mine and then took it back like a scared girl on prom night......

    seriously though pics to come tomorrow.

    Also I still call dibs on that black McSoapy you bastid.......
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