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Thread: Replacing 1997 Case Handle

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    Replacing 1997 Case Handle

    The case handle for my old 1997 PRS McCarty has fallen off quite a while ago and I'm just now getting around to replacing it, yet I'm a bit confused by the construction of this case. The case for my newer 2007 PRS has little screws that attach the case to the case handle, that can be exposed and removed from the inside by removing the little boards that make the different compartments inside the case.

    The problem is, the 1997 case doesn't have these same screws exposed - there's simply tolex over where the screw should be, though it's important to note I did feel a little screw-sized bulge in this location. And, using a razor blade, I cut a tiny screw-sized opening in the tolex, yet behind it was possibly particle board. I feel as though there is a long strip of particle board running the length of my case that is covering these screws, but I don't want to take the whole case apart and possibly damage it if this is not the case. I'm preparing to sell one of my PRSs with this case, and am fixing it up for the potential buyer.

    Here are some pics:

    I know it's difficult to read depth in this photo, but the beneath the screw-sized hole I cut, after the tolex stops, is a little lip underneath the piece of plywood that the tolex is attached to (it's hard to explain).

    Does anyone have any experience with replacing the handle on a case like this? Many thanks.

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    I haven't looked closely at any of my cases, but in your photos, those look like rivets, not screws.

    If they are rivets, your only choice is to carefully drill them out to remove them. Hopefully, your replacement handle has the same spacing hole-to-hole and bracket-to-bracket. Once you get the old brackets and rivets off, mount our new handle with nuts-washers-bolts.
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    I concur with rugers assessment, I say riveted too.

    How did you get the case fabric out of the way without ruining it?

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    Ah yes, that makes sense. Especially when I look again and compare with my 2007 case handle:

    I'll have my friend help me drill out the rivets. Many thanks, fellas.

    Quote Originally Posted by rabidhamster View Post
    I concur with rugers assessment, I say riveted too.

    How did you get the case fabric out of the way without ruining it?
    It was really rather simple - the case fabric is attached to small pieces of board with (most likely) adhesive, and these small pieces of board are attached to the case itself with long staples. I gently pried away these small pieces of board (as necessary with my 2007 case), and then lined the staples up again when reattaching.
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