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Thread: Isoacoustics Monitor Stands. Had To Try 'Em!

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    Isoacoustics Monitor Stands. Had To Try 'Em!

    These monitor stands are similar to the one I bought for my guitar cab and started a thread on in the amp section, only these are made for studio monitors. And they are the single biggest upgrade I've ever made to my audio, including stuff that cost an absolute fortune:

    The difference between the way my Genelec monitors sound with these, and the way they sounded with the stock Genelec iso pods, is startling. You'd think with the monitors on stands, it would be a small difference at best. And you'd think that the factory pods would be just as good. They aren't. These are astounding, and I don't use that word lightly.

    In fact, I was a little hesitant to remove the pods that came with the monitors, but in the interest of good audio, I had to try. Fortunately, doing the deed consisted of unscrewing two screws from the back of the monitors, and it was very simple. These stands assemble in two minutes, and you just plunk your speakers on top of them. Simple. I like simple.

    The bass is clear as a bell. There is more detail in the mix. There is no flab in the bass, it just sounds like...well...bass. The sound is more 3D. The mids and highs are open and clear. I want to pull out all the crap I've mixed over the past 25 years and start over.

    These stands aren't a tweak. They're incredible. They've gotten great reviews everywhere in the audio press, but I had to see for myself. And, yeah, everyone is right. The foam pads people use to isolate their monitors aren't worth a damn compared with these.

    Plus you can use extensions to tilt the monitors to fire at your ears, up or down, depending on placement, and even raise them eight inches if you have monitors sitting on a desk flanking a computer screen.

    Bottom line is that they work. If you own a studio, run, do not walk, and get a pair of these. 99 bucks for a pair, and it's the smartest 99 bucks you will ever invest in your studio, period. I wish I hadn't waited this long to discover these.

    Yeah, hearing is believing. Really.
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    OK, so I'm gonna reply to my own thread.

    I bugged my partner in the biz about ordering a set for his studio; he uses Genelec's 8030s with a Genelec Subwoofer. He's a skeptic, and when he was at RingSide Creative, whose zillion buck studios have the full-blown soffit Genelecs, and beta-tested the 8000 series, he figured he'ld heard it all. Plus he'd been involved in selecting monitors for their studios in the first place, when their suppliers brought over just about everything on the market to A/B test.

    Anyway, I got a text from him this morning. The stands arrived and he set them up...

    "Holy crap! It's a different world!"
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    Well once I am out of this no new gear holding pattern, I'm going to score a few pairs of these, studio monitors, home audio speakers and for my guitar amps.

    Thanks again Les the Enabler!

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    Quote Originally Posted by justmund View Post
    Thanks again Les the Enabler!
    Ha! Truth is, if I find something that works, I just can't keep a secret!

    I want everyone to have good audio. Which, what am I thinking? All my competitors will have good audio, and where will I be then?

    I will be forced to rely on my meager talent, and that will put me out of business.
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    Those look cool.

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    Serg, you will not believe what they do for your audio.

    The guy who invented them is named Dave Morrison. He designed rooms for the Canadian Broadcasting Company, and he's the real deal. I actually emailed him to find out why these work better than other decouplers, and he said it's not just decoupling, that the more important thing is how speakers and speaker cones move as the piston drives the cone back and forth, and how the design accounts for that. For the most part, the technical explanation is over my head.

    But they work. Get a pair. They're not expensive, and you will not be sorry. These will renew your faith in mankind, and you will celebrate your good fortune and new-found joy by making better mixes!
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