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Thread: Which daddarios electric guitar string does the prs custom 24 use?

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    Which daddarios electric guitar string does the prs custom 24 use?

    I just made an account on this forum because i like prs guitars. And i also want to know is prs se setup perfect? string height innotation everything.

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    Welcome! I like PRS guitars too.

    PRS guitars come with PRS strings. Not sure which gauge, but I think 9s on a CU24?

    A SE will set up however you want it, whatever you think its perfect.
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    From the PRS Customer Support Center - Set Up Guide

    If you decide to change your string gauges from the factory installed string gauges, please be sure to remember that the guitar may need to be set-up to accommodate this change. This may include checking the action, intonation, neck relief, pickup height, and nut slots of the instrument. We set-up the guitars at our factory with the following string gauges:

    Most solidbody instruments are factory set-up with 10 - 46 gauge strings.

    All SE* instruments are factory set-up with 9 - 42 gauge strings (except for the Mike Mushok Baritone, which is set-up with D?Addario XL157 - 14-68).

    * SE Bernie Marsden comes setup with 10-46 gauge strings.

    The SE Bernie Marsden models are factory setup with 10-46 gauge strings.

    The DGT is factory set up with 11 - 49 gauge strings with unwound 3rd.

    The non-piezo Hollowbody models are factory set-up with 10 - 46 gauge strings.

    The piezo equipped Hollowbody models are factory set up with 11 - 49 gauge strings with a wound 3rd.
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    I thought all core came with at least 10s and all SE's came with 9s.

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    Well you thought wrong jimisteven.

    OP, PRS guitars come set-up with nice low action. It can be made even lower if you like or it can be raised if you prefer.
    ANY "good" and well-built guitar can have it's action set as low or high as you like it without any issues. It's when you get guitars with poorly leveled, loose or raised frets, twisted necks, dysfunctional trussrods....that you will have to keep the action relatively high.
    Of ALL the guitar brands out there, I'd say that PRS guitars and their necks are built as well or better than ANYTHING out there. You'll be able to get the action as low (or as high) as you can on ANY guitar...and more than most.
    Action on PRS guitars is definitely a NON issue. It's one of the things that put PRS on the map and is the LAST thing to worry about on a PRS.
    As far as strings they come strung with...seeing as how I've never "won" the Thank You pkgs and have never seen a pack of PRS strings I cant say for sure but I think they come strung with PRS strings. They don't MAKE their own strings. Others will be able to tell you for sure but I'd assume they'd be made by D'Addario?'s kind of another non-issue. If you don't like the strings it came with...they only last a short while anyway and then you can put ANY brand (ELIXIRS wink) you like on a PRS guitar.
    I would DEFINITELY NOT pass-up on buying a PRS because you don't like the strings on it. I aint never even HEARD of that before. OOPSIES...I think you meant what gauge of D'Addarios...ok..I'm an IDIOT!
    Yes...USA CU24s come strung with .010"s and the SECU24s come strung with .009s. That does not mean you must use those gauges. You might have to widen the nutslots if going from a .009 guitar to .010 strings and you might have to adjust the trem bridge "attitude" if trem equipped biggie.

    In the end, BUY A PRS!!!
    You will be able to get the action as low as you want it. You can run any strings and gauge you like. But yes...USA CUs =.010" and SECUs=.009s.

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    I've arrived at what I think is a pretty good setup regarding strings. For Fender scale guitars, I use 9 to 42s. For 25" scale PRSi, I use the D'Addario 9.5 "hybrids". For Gibson scale guitars, I use 10 to 46. That seems to give me a pretty similar feel across the board.
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    Early guitars came with D'Addario strings and at some point they switched to their own brand (still made by D'Addario).
    IIRC early Customs and CEs were setup with 9-42 sets.
    At some poisnt they started using 10-46 but still some guitars were setup with 9s. I remember a friend's Singlecut came brand new with 9s...
    I prefer 10s and I setup all my guitars with D'Addario 10-46 sets.
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