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Thread: SE Trem Bridges vs. MD Trem Bridges: Differences?

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    SE Trem Bridges vs. MD Trem Bridges: Differences?

    Seems like a silly question maybe, but what are the differences? For instance, Floyd Roses made in Korea are roughly the same as their German counterparts. Are the SE bridges drastically different? If so, in what manner?

    (I'm asking because I'm considering upgrading the sustain block and such, but wondered if an MD/Mann bridge would be better).

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    Not positive but I believe the USA trems are made of brass, whereas the SE line are almost certainly not. I'm sure Shawn or one of those folks could chime in with the specifics if he has a chance, but I believe the trem is made out of cheaper metal for the import line. The SE trems aren't bad by any means, but I do find myself preferring the tone of the tremolo put on the MD builds.

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