About a year ago I bought a PRS David Grissom model and I'm thinking about swapping out the pickups for the Santana model pickups. For rock, blues, funk, etc. the DGT is great, but in jazz situations where I'm playing big loud Wes Montgomery-style chords, I've been slightly less than impressed with the rhythm pickup - there's a bottom or heaviness that it seems to lack - I want to say "bass," but it's a fullness or "warm bottom" quality that I feel like it's missing. Some people even think I'm playing a single-coil (even when it's not tapped). I played a Santana (US-made model) that sounded unreal. Can someone recommend a pickup that would get the job done? I looked online for "PRS Santana pickups" and couldn't come up with much, and I don't even know if they sell Santana pickups.