A bit of experience with these two types of pickups would be helpful: I have a HollowBody I w/ the archtop pups in it. It is my gig guitar and I'd love to have a coil tap. I'd need to go to a different pickup to do that.

Have any of you played both the Artchtop and 57/08 pickups. What are the similarities, differences, opinions?

I had a '92 CE24 for 15 years and loved my coil tap on it. Before I send my HB I into PRS for new pups and a tap, I'd love to hear some opinions. I play classic rock in a weekend warrior band. My PRS is my only 6-string guitar, so versatility is important. I play slide, rhythm and lead on everything from Beatles to Grace Potter. I play a Bad Cat amp and get my distortion from the amp--no pedals. I like the sound of my guitar now, I prefer the more vintage tone and less compression with the HB vs my CE that had HFS pups in it. All help is appreciated.