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Thread: Still have the Studio but now it's time for a PUP change...DGT? Anyone?

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    Still have the Studio but now it's time for a PUP change...DGT? Anyone?


    I've done as much as I can to coax out a decent tone from the 57/08 and she sounds really nice but, like many, I feel the bridge HB ain't cuttin' it.

    In addition to being mismatched, I find that the 57/08 loses too much top end (even when rolled back just a smidge). Has anyone tried a DGT in a PRS Studio? Seems like it would balance out nicely with the NF's.

    Maybe an uncovered 59/09, yeah?


    Art V.

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    59/09, 0 yeah.

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    Hey Art!!! I have an uncovered 59/09 in my Studio right now and I love it.

    I recently got my hands on an extra 53/10 that I am gonna throw in the mix just to see how it sounds but, I digress.

    Before the 59/09, I had a DGT Treble in the Studio and it paired very well with the Narrowfields. This was back in the days of BAM and I ended up selling to a forum brother when he made me an offer I couldn't refuse for the DGT was a rare uncovered 4-wire modded by the PTC pickup.

    The only thing I would recommend you do is be sure to wire the DGT the same way it is in the Grissom model. The pickup is a slightly different animal without the DGT wiring setup...

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    The uncovered 59/09 is where it's at in the Studio. You won't regret it at all!!
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    has anyone tried an uncovered 57/08? My P22 sounds awesome with the uncovered 57/08s. So much so, that I have thought about sending the Studio I have in to PTC for a uncovered 57/08 (gold poles to match studio). I was thinking of taking off the cover on the existing pickup to see if get it sounding closer to the uncovered one in the P22, but may not want to alter it.
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