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Thread: Perfect pitch in a pill!!!!

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    Perfect pitch in a pill!!!!

    Here's an article of how they taught some guys to have PP after taking a new pill.

    Where do I sign up?
    I gave that pitch some vibrato, pitches love vibrato.

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    Read about this... I want in too!

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    I had it. Spent four hours tuning the refridgerator and synchronizing it to the computer growl.
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    Thats Depakote. My dad made me take one of his and two hours later I couldnt read..anything. For real.

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    The important thing isn't the perfect pitch; it's the young brain flexibility thing. Obviously it reopens neural pathways - these are things that become more and more closed to learning by the age of 14-16 or so.

    It's why learning an instrument when a young child is easier than it is for a teenager, and why so many early musicians play circles around people who learned later.
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