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    Strap Posts

    I'm not even sure that's what they are called, but I'm referring to the round objects at each end of the guitar which connects to a strap.
    I can't seem to find a strap that fit my PRS properly. I have almost dropped it several times. I know this is a common issue. Why doesn't
    PRS just use the same size every one else does? Is it feasible to put new posts on or locking ones? I'm afraid i might void the warranty
    or turn into a toad or something. I guess, given the fact that there must have been so many accidents because of this issue, shouldn't
    PRS just change the design? Why keep risking injury to such beautiful instruments?

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    They're called strap "buttons" and I'm thinking that PRS uses their own bigger ones to keep their guitars from falling out of broken-in straps. They're easy to replace with other brands and strap locks. Just use the same strap button screw.

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    They are the same size a fender bass strap buttons
    They are a tight fit but with effort will go on most straps
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    Two best options are to either:

    A.) Remove strap buttons, and reinstall through the strap holes, effectively making it a permanent installation of the strap with the factory buttons acting as washers.

    B.) Remove strap buttons and replace with Schaller straplocks, using the existing factory screws. Save the old buttons in your case with your other case candy (hangtag, manual, etc...) in case you ever resell or need to send it in for warranty work.

    Alternatively, C.) Remove strap buttons and replace with a standard style button, being sure that the new buttons can accommodate the factory screw.

    Avoid replacing with any buttons that cannot use the factory screw, and you should be fine. Any changes to the screw in size, either bigger or smaller, WILL end up stripping out the hole, which may void your warranty. As long as you can use the factory screws, the threads of the holes should not be damaged (unless you overtighten them) and your warranty should be maintained.

    I don't think replacing strap buttons is a warranty-voiding modification, considering it's completely reversible and undetectable if you reuse the factory screws with the new buttons. I could be wrong though, a quick call to PRS customer service will get you a definitive answer on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyT View Post
    Schaller Strap Locks on all of my guitars, and with the factory screws.
    Same here . . . except for my PRSi! I love the big PRS buttons and the only time I've had issues were when I didn't get the strap properly seated.

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