Back in the Old PRS Forum days, there was an eternal Nitro vs Poly debate.

Because I truly believed that my PRSes were the best sounding guitars on the planet (at least for my own taste), I scoffed at the idea that a nitro finish vs. a poly finish made any appreciable difference; I felt that if there was a difference at all, which I heavily doubted, it was in how heavily a finish was applied.

However, I may have been wrong, as now I have a couple of the V12 guitars. In my estimation, they're sonically a cut above my previous models (and there were quite a number of them!).

I'm told this finish can be applied more lightly than the poly finishes. Now, it's also true that the models I have are different in other respects from the older models, in terms of pickups, bridge design (in the case of the Str.58), newer-design hardware, etc. But I do like the newer guitars PRS has been turning out with the V12 even better than the older ones, and that's saying a lot.

I think the V12 looks great, and it seems to be about as durable as my older poly models. It's not sticky like my old nitro finished Gibsons. So I'm wondering how the rest of the crew digs the V12?