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Thread: Unexpected NGD: SE Angelus Custom

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    Unexpected NGD: SE Angelus Custom

    I was intrigued by the SE Angelus acoustics, but didn't plan on getting into one, until this came into the guitar shop I work at.

    The warehouse guy receiving the guitar at the dock instantly thought of me, so it never even made it to the floor. It's a really cool guitar, and plays like high end Taylors we have. I'm really not an acoustic guy, so I think this one if perfect for me because it still plays like a really high end acoustic without the high end price. The hard case that comes with these is sweet too!

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    Congratulation on that. Beautiful. I like the binding on the neck and the ebony, plus the other nice appointments. If it still plays and sounds great then that is what matters. They are supposed to have a neck that electric guitar players will appreciate. Did you notice that?
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    Nice grab.
    Get it before the customers.

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    Congrats! You're going to find yourself playing a lot more acoustic now. These guitars are hard to put down.

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    Nice one! PRS acoustics are the absolute bomb.
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    Congrats! I also got one this week!!! :-)

    (post 12 and onwards in this thread:

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    Outstanding - congrats! And welcome to the club!

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