My SCT IRW is my only PRS I have a really deep love-hate-relation with. As long as it works, it's a great guitar but it also had its "issues". The latest issue was that it started to go out of tune quite often. So when changing strings last time I had a closer look at the tuning machines and discovered that two of the tuning posts had become quite loose.
The other thing that I discovered was that when I removed the tuning machines there was "Gotoh Japan" imprinted on the inside
Strangely enough the set of replacement tuners I ordered from PRS had the usual Schaller look, that is to say just those wellknown "III" on the inside. Putting those "Gotoh" and "III" Phase IIs side by side revealed lots of tiny differences. All in all the Schallers looked more "sophisticated" (as if more work had been put into them, like rounding some edges and so on).
What really annoyed was that they weren't 1:1 copies, even the size of the "ears" (where you put the screws through) was slightly different so that the original holes didn't fit.
So as you can imagine it was no smooth replacement and left some scars :cry:

So when did PRS switch over to Gotoh as manufacturer of the Phase II (my SCT IRW is from 2008) and was this change permanent?