Five years ago (for my 40th birthday), I bought my first PRS guitar - a non-10 top Custom 22, 20th Anniversary. I went through the whole pickup swap phase and ended up with a Jazz/JB combo (i know, not very imaginative, but they sound great). I loved every minute I spent playing on that guitar until, four years later, I bought a (mahogany necked) 513. The Custom now spends the majority of it's time in the case since the 513 came along and I'm very impressed with it's tones and versatility.

One issue does bother me, though - despite them both having Wide Fat necks, the high and low E strings seem to be much closer to the edge of the fretboard on the 513. I can play pull-offs on the high E on the custom 22 (pulling off towards the edge of the fretboard), but on the 513 I regularly pull the string off the end of the fret.

I can see that the two guitars have different nuts - could this be the reason for the difference? I wanted to hear if anyone else has experienced this issue. Any other 513 owners like to chime in with their thoughts?