I'm just curious if this bugs anyone else. Please, no rock throwing at me for still liking this band, yes, I know they have way to many sexually charged songs now, but it doesn't mean ya can't still enjoy all the other songs.
So I went to see Nickelback last night, who, if you've never seen them, put on a friggin great arena rock show. You can call the band rock stars just for the kind of great show they put on. The music is tight, solid, and a fun time, and that's what a great rock show should be. Anyways, the bands vocalist Chad Kroeger used to be a hardcore PRS guy. Mainly singlecuts and a few Custom 24's. In 2009 he started using two Gibson's; a custom made to resemble the cover of their Dark Horse album at the time, and an Explorer, but the rest of the set mainly consisted of PRS. Last night he only used a PRS twice, a blue Custom 24 for "How You Remind Me" and and HBII for "Far Away." The rest of the set was all LP's and a Custom 7-string Explorer. I honestly think the two songs he used PRS on sounded the best. Much cleaner sounding with more cut.
So I was wondering, does it annoy anyone else when some of their favorite artists move from PRS to Gibson? To me, it's not really the fact that they switch over, it's the fact that I don't feel like Gibson's sound as good for their music, or maybe I'm just used to hearing their PRS sound and can't get used to the Gibson sound in their music.
Three Days Grace did it too with their latest album, Life Starst Now and the touring for it and, I just think the guitars sound a bit muddier than when PRS was used. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.