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Thread: 5 Way Blade Switch in a 2013 SE Custom 24

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    5 Way Blade Switch in a 2013 SE Custom 24

    Hi Everyone, I want to change the stock 3 way blade switch on my 2013 SE Custom 24 to the 5 way blade switch used on the USA Custom 24. I want the stock switch options available on the current USA model;

    Position 1: Bridge humbucker
    Position 2: Bridge humbucker with neck singlecoil
    Position 3: Bridge and neck humbuckers
    Position 4: Neck singlecoil with bridge singlecoil
    Position 5: Neck humbucker

    The 5 way switch available on the PRS web store is partially prewired. Will the SE pickups work with this switch and get me the 5 options? Does anyone know if the wire color codes on the pickups are different? I plan to replace the push pull tone pot with a standard one.

    Thanks for the help!

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    If you're talking about the whole drop-in set, they'll work for sure. If you're looking at just getting the blade switch and do all the wiring yourself, sure, they'll work too. Just watch the pickup leads and ground, or else you'll end up with the out of phase wiring, which is cool if you like, or totally uncool if you don't like it. Have fun!

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    hello Ggwatt,
    if you already have on your guitar a push-pull pot for coil split, surely you can do what you want with a PRS five positions blade switch.
    It's very important that dimensions and holes from old to the new switch are identical, because you dont have a pickguard to drill or change, and making some modification on the wood top could be hard and dangerous!

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