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Thread: What started it all?

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    Had a Les Paul and a Jackson shredder, didn't play the Les Paul because it was so heavy and hard to play.

    Went into the local music store looking to trade the Les Paul in for something, they had a Black Tremonti I and a nice brownish flame top Cu24. I thought the fit and finish and the beauty of the guitars (those birds!) were awesome. I liked Creed and Mark Tremonti, and the Tremonti was several hundred bucks less expensive, so I got that.

    I enjoyed that for 7 years, not playing much. In 2008 I started playing more and in 2009 got involved with a band and started playing a lot more. 52 more PRSi since 2008, I guess you could say I like these guitars!

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    Wow Pete, 52 since 2008? You are like the Wilt Chamberlain of PRS!

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    I bought my first ~2 months ago - SE Cu24 Whale Blue. I've had a guitar or two around for years, but have been nothing more than a campfire player as I like to call it - a handful of a chords and a bunch of old songs to wail out and call the cows home with. A few months back I decided I finally wanted to learn the instrument better so I started working through scales, exercises, etc. I've had a decent acoustic for a long time, but I never stepped up on an electric until now. I generally always attend the Dallas Guitar show every year and have briefly met Paul a few times. Seeing how much he and the other PRS folks really dig what they do I didn't feel I had any other choice IMO

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    Mid 80's I was a kid growing up in Indiana..... The MJ, DLR, John Mellancamp.... Mick Mars was from the town I lived. It just seemed like moving to California and being a musician was a real idea!! Everything on the Radio and MTV was guitar!! I think it was an early 9th birthday present.... A Kay STAR-ter Series. Man, it was a piece oh sh*te!! Plywood body, chipboard fretboard.... The nut was so big it was impossible to fret an F on the high E string! $99 for the guitar, an amp, case, cable, picks, a book and a lesson. BUT it was red with a term and 1 hum bucker at the bridge...... Which meant I could put a black and white electrical tape and pretend to be Eddie!!! When I got my second guitar (which I bought back from a friend 10 years ago) I took that old Kay to pieces, unwound pick-ups and everything.... Good fun!!

    Unlike many here it wasn't an early obsession with PRS... I grew up really a bolt-on guy. If I am really really honest it was the looks and the tops the turned my head and caught my eye!! I can remember Matteo Blue quilt tops being the guitar that ignited my PRS gas!! Since then I have fallen for the quality an tones.... But it was the looks that first hooked me. PRS are a thing of beauty!!

    Another moment I remember was my first glimpse of a Private Stock, in Tiger Eye..... Majestic!!

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    I posted much earlier on the circumstances of obtaining my first PRS guitar. however, as far as how I came to find out about the was during one of our family vacations in the mid 90's....we were at a Hard Rock Cafe in maybe Mexico or South any event, there was this 30 foot tall double-cut "stratocaster-kinda-sorta" giant guitar outside the restaurant. I had never seen that guitar before. I did my research and found out it was a giant mock-up of PRS McCarty model....I did some more research, and in 2004 I got my first one...the '00 CU24. A few hundred "Wheels and deals later" I have a pretty extensive collection and some of them actually get played once in awhile. Actually, that was the best thing I ever got out of visit to the Hard Rock.

    A lot better than John Entwistle's last visit
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    Quote Originally Posted by worship_player View Post
    .........Now everytime I plus in my Gibson it sounds too thin and bright, no soul so to speak. ..........
    Selective quote from a few posts above....with the pleasant vision of seeing this post on TGP and the responses it would yield....You know....a thread entitled, "Gibson's have no soul"

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    For me it was admiring the ads in the guitar magazines that PRS ran in the early and mid 90' of my favorite ads shows Dickey Betts in mid solo...then seeing a wall full of them hanging in Sam Ash...couldn't get enough...played my first one through a Marshall and then a rack full of gear into Marshall power amps in the back of the store and had to have was a black limited edition 1994 CE22 loaded with McCarty Pups....I was in high school...quite a stretch for me...long story short I was lucky enough to get the was stolen from me years later. I hate thieves. I stalked eBay every day for years looking for it...missed its sale on gbase once by a couple of popped up one day on Christmas Eve....I didn't think twice...I jut bought it back...didn't explain to the seller it was mine and he had stolen property....I didn't want to chance losing it again.... By this time i had built up a nice collection of PRSi...but it was my guitar and I didn't want anyone else to have it....couldn't believe it when I opened the box and there it on the road had been tough on this particular guitar....sat in its case for a few more years before i was willing to let it out of my sight again....i finally got the courage to send it to Shawn and the PTC boys, Paul Miles and Mr. Bud Davis...

    As you can see they brought it back to life....and then some. (thanks again guys)
    Anyway ive been playing my PRSi since 1994...they are home to me. ...I am more comfortable with a PRS in my hands than just about anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MA Pete View Post
    52 more PRSi since 2008, I guess you could say I like these guitars!

    Au contraire! I'd say you haven't found one you liked. If you had, you'd have kept it.

    After all, you're not selling them because you have to make the rent.

    Maybe these new PS that you've gotten yourself into will be your keepers...

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    Wow, there are some great stories here! Being a young guy, my first PRS was much later... around 2006, one of my favorite artists (at the time) had started playing these cool guitars with pointy headstocks, and I couldn't figure out what they were. Finally I stumbled on PRS online, and was immediately hooked. I was in college and really broke at the time, working nights as a restaurant cook, so I scoured ebay and other sites for over a year looking for a good price on an SE Custom with a nice top. Finally found one online at Daddy's music in fall of '07, a dead mint Custom with a stop tailpiece in cherry sunburst, with a hard roadrunner case for $400. It arrived the night we were having a Halloween bash at my college house, before the party my roommates all watched as I opened the case for the first time, and we all played it a bit. All night they were taking their friends up to see "this awesome new guitar that my roommate just got!" It was really cool. I still have her, and she still plays great!

    I know a lot of guys that play the Maryland guitars don't have much use or interest in the SE line, but let me tell you, it's a great thing that PRS is doing with the SE's, and young players like myself really appreciate it. They really are the Student Edition guitars, something that someone like myself, still in school (dental school now) can afford and they're still a great playing and reliable guitar. I would imagine there are a lot of players just like me getting their start on PRS this way. I'm saving my pennies in a secret stash for something with 57/08's, but when the big day comes I'm sure my trusty SE's will still have a place in my collection!
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    this kind of fits in here.

    A new book is out in which Paul was interviewed about his first guitar. As with many of us, it was a journey for Paul when he first started playing. You can check out more here:

    My First Guitar by Julia Crowe

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    Quote Originally Posted by OsirisProtocol View Post
    With the new forum open and a new generation of PRS players coming into the fold I'd like to know what guitar started it all for you guys.
    It was PRS magazine adds and Santana, but mostly the adds, since a very early age i admired the beauty of PRS, Fender and Gibson guitars and i could only dream of ever owning one so i let my imagination fly looking at the magazines..... today, after a lots of great work i own one, two or more guitars of each brand i dreamed of.

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    Hi, I am the author of My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords from 70 Legendary Musicians--to give a little teaser of Paul Reed Smith's interview for the book, he actually had many 'first' guitars from different designations! The first guitar, a second guitar, a third guitar, a 'first real guitar' and 'a first real real guitar.' He says, 'For me, it's about the journey to the real guitar. Each guitar is a learning experience.' So true...

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