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Thread: How cheap can I get into some CRACKWOOD....

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    How cheap can I get into some CRACKWOOD....

    I've got $550 cash in hand, another guitar that is worth approx $850 = $1400. I've got some spare pedals that I could get rid of in order to get a bit more liquidation in my pocket. I own an Archtop II & McCarty, so this one will definitely need to have a trem. I do NOT like/prefer gold hardware, tho' I can live with it. I am a bigger fan of vintage vibe/tones, rather than modern/high gain tones. I don't need a 10 top.

    1. How affordable would it be to get a PRS with trem & rosewood neck? Which models/why?

    2. Or, you think I can't afford a crackwood guitar & I should buy a _______ because ______.

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    Too close to the casinos in CT.........
    I scored my first McRosie off Craigslist for around your are out there if you have cash in hand and are diligent in looking for them....
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    First step, cash in hand... check. I watch the Craigslist for a couple hundred miles around me often, don't see a lot tho... I guess it's all about the right time/place.

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    At least a of last week, there were 1 or 2 McRosies on a major chain used web site...right around that range...
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    The other PRS forums have some pretty sweet deals all the time
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rider1260 View Post
    The other PRS forums have some pretty sweet deals all the time
    Vintage Rocker (where most of the BAM people are) and what other forums? TheGearPage?

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    I seem to remember a McCarty rosewood on GC's used page for $1600-ish? No trem though. Seems like a pretty good deal to me.
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