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Thread: Multi Dimensional GAS- Guitar Hoarding in a Parallel Universe.

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    Multi Dimensional GAS- Guitar Hoarding in a Parallel Universe.

    I have given up trying to make more money to buy more electric guitars because I have come to the conclusion that I have already bought them.. Just not in this dimension.

    Instead, I have decided to put my energy into finding a way to travel to the alternate world where I already own my Rosewood LTD. and my PS Lucite CE with LED moons.

    Bullsh!t! You say? Hardly.

    How else would you explain this:

    PRS has already found a way to manufacture and somehow transport electric guitars built in another dimension to this one: The Santana MD.
    I assume they do this through the use of a Tesseract or some other "wrinkle" in time, no doubt the documentation for this process exists stashed safely next to Paul's "Rules of Tone" in a safe somewhere in Stevensville.

    I believe it looks something like this Torus Connection:

    John McLaughlin surely must know more than he leads on, and I suspect he has already traveled to the "Fifth" dimension and beyond.. I mean think about it; aside from the name of his band the guy is always smiling and never even looks at the fretboard! Dude has got to be keeping something secret in an alternate universe, and his involvement with PRS after all these years is no coincidence from my point of view.

    You guys can go ahead and keep slaving away trying to obtain your newest guitar... I'm moving on to the concept of "attaining" my already there guitar collection. No more waiting for FedEx or the big brown truck for me! All I have to do is think about a guitar I want and BOOM! It's in the rack ... While you guys drool over PS Friday photos I've already started refinishing all the blue ones... Man, I'm already bored of the Experience 2014 models I've been playing (the new V13 finish is amaze balls!) I just need to find a way to GET there!

    EDIT: Okay, I typed this out in the third dimension and then found a suitable wormhole to travel to the fifth dimension. Upon my arrival I was greeted by the Annunaki Ashtar Command of Orion and it's deputy director Sanat Satnanda. After I spent some time with my collection of guitars I started to think that maybe I'm just not a rosewood neck kinda guy... I also didn't realize how heavy Lucite/Perspex guitars are! So I headed down to the local PRS dealer on the Spaceship Moon (where DFD also works part-time "Like a Wild Stalion in SPACE-NIGHT!") and started checking out some NOS McCarty II's... Man, I miss my KL and CE's that I have in this dimension and apparently they didn't cross over to the other one... So I bring you some sage words from the El-ders that I wish to share with you all:

    Where's that damn postman? I gotta get back to work. Make some more money.

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    It's a good thing you didn't find the wormhole I stumbled into; it's the alternate universe where Paul R. Smith became a doctor instead of a luthier, and rock and roll never caught on.

    However, the good news is that everyone plays the banjo or the accordion. I chose the accordion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    It's a good thing you didn't find the wormhole I stumbled into; it's the alternate universe where Paul R. Smith became a doctor instead of a luthier
    Does that mean that there are 28 Rules of Health? That other-dimension Paul makes organs that function better than the ones we're born with, and that we post threads about our spleens and kidneys? 12 free packs of suture with every operation?

    Is healthcare....subtractive...there?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoreyT View Post
    So that is where Lawrence Welk came from, the other dimension Les?
    Everyone in North Dakota comes from another dimension.

    Quote Originally Posted by CantankerousCarl View Post
    Is healthcare....subtractive...there?
    Paul does breast augmentations there, so no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Paul does breast augmentations there, so no.
    So that's how the Artist Package Custom 24-cm diameter jugs came from....

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