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Gin and tonics here. Hendricks baby.
with cucumber I hope!

Man, all this beer talk and I can't really join in.

Oh well, for reference if anyone is ever in Australia (or even better, Tasmania...)

Aussie Wide:

-Little Creatures Bright - light, slightly sweet/fruity (slightly), the kind of beer you can drink all night and not get sick of.
-James Squire Pale Ale - another lighter beer, a little bit fruity and not as hoppy and big as most pale ales, refreshing, another all night beer
-James Squire everything else - give them all a shot, I'm partial to the IPA and Golden Ale
-Victoria Bitter (VB) - I'd rather drink warm cats urine
-Matilda Bay Fat Yak Pale Ale - similar to the Squire Pale but bigger and punchier, tends to fill me up a bit though
-Crown Lager - don't bother. Local legend is it's just the top scrapings from the VB vat.
-Coopers - good beers, especially the stout. Try them too!

Tassie specific:


-Cascade Lager - choice beer in the 80s, made a come back early 2000s, just a really good standard lager
-Boags XXX - an under rated beer, doesn't taste horrible when it gets a little bit warm, nice amount of hop
-Cascade Pale Ale - my standard fridge filler, funny story with this one, they changed the bottle size from 375 to 345ml and tried to capture the 'boutique market' (and charge the same for it). Tasmanian sales dropped massively since we actively boycotted it, Cascade changed back to 375ml and all was normal. Great beer, not fruity like the other pales I mentioned.
-Cascade/Boags Premium - Boags is the pick, but there's better for cheaper


-Moo Brew - started by a professional gambler who built a 200 million dollar museum that's sex and death themed, doesn't charge locals entry and holds a mostly free music & arts festival every year. Yep. All their beers are really good, the limited stout is apparently amazing (at $30 a BOTTLE it should be) but I'm yet to try it.
-Two Metre Tall - they grow the ingredients for their beers, which are fantastic. They do vary a little from bottle to bottle, I had the Derwent Spelt and Heritage Hop Ale the other night and it was great.

Hmm might ride home and drink some beer now, all this typing has made me thirsty!