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I wasn't offended by your remarks. The science of brewing beer and studying beer history used to be two of my passions.

Speaking of American mega beer, that stuff is incredibly difficult to produce. Most amateur brewers prefer to make heavier and hoppier styles of beer because they mask poor brewing technique and poor biological quality control (stout is a favorite amongst beginning amateur brewers because roasted barley covers a host of cardinal brewing sins). The truly amazing thing is that the megas brew and ferment at high gravity (often 20 degrees Plato) and dilute the finish product in order to maximize brewery throughput. Anyone who has ever attempted to ferment a 20-degree-plus Plato (1.080+) lager wort knows how difficult it is to keep esters and diacetyl (and other ketones) low. A 20-degree wort is equivalent to that of a Belgian Tripel. The brewmasters at Bud/Miller/Coors are some of the best in the world. To be able to do what the megas do with the level of consistency that they do it requires an army of highly-trained biochemists, biochemical engineers, and microbiologists.
And yet, their product sucks! Go figure!