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Thread: New Dgt

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    New Dgt

    Hello everyone we'll I did it and purchased a new dgt. Now I have had many prs guitars,but this is unusual it has a goldfish quilted maple top none 10 but beautiful with black fade all around the edge no binding wrap over. The headstock is also finished in this black gold fade,now the back is also finished in the same fade never had one like this.i will send photos if someone out there could tell me how to post thanks everyone.

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    Here's a thread about how to post pictures. Let us know if you need further assistance. Can't wait to see the new DGT!
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    Thanks I will try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesboy998 View Post
    Thanks I will try it
    There is no try.
    Congratulations on the DGT.

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    Sounds interesting.... can't wait to see it!

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    Looking forward to seeing it!
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    Congrats! Let's see that bad boy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluesboy998 View Post

    Try again... got a direct link? the [IMG] tags looked right tho, so you almost got the pic up!

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    So here it is

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    Wow that is a really cool, and very unique looking DGT! Congrats!

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    Whooooaaaaaa that is a stunner!!!
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    Here you go....

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    Thanks everyone.iam convinced this is the Swiss Army knife of prs guitars. If you haven't played one you owe it to yourself,it does everything you would ever need from a guitar.and does wonderful.

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    Dig the color! Dig the boatwake! Congrats............ & welcome to the Forum
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    Thanks markie

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