My Swamp ash has lot of "acoustic" properties : sustain for day, string separation, sensitivity from pick attack.

I was disapointed with the original pups : strange coz I love McCarty pups ... but, may be in a mahogany body.

In this Swamp body, the sounds ( specially bridge ) are TOO bright ( arsh ).

I put a Tom Holmes set on it and improve a little bit BUT not only I loose the split coil but the
Bridge stay too bright :?

So I'm thinking buying some new pups :

This is what I'm thinking for now :

a Fralin unbucker on neck ( i get back the Split coil and a correct one as explained on their site )
a Fralin Hot vintage in the middle ( as suggested by Lindy )

and a Fralin hight output to tame the bright on the bridge . ( and it split coil very well )

Some of you already use some on these pups and what are your comments ?

What about this project ? sound correct ?

Some have OTHER suggestions or use other config on their SAS ?

Thanks for the feedbacks ,

Hb :geek:

By the way : I ordered a 5 positions rotary switch and will have 5 pos like a strat and 2 Humbuckers with the
push-pull tone.