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Thread: Gratitude for the 58

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    Gratitude for the 58

    Just really wanna throw a shout out to PRS for making the stripped/SC 58. My stripped has been getting slightly neglected recently as the band is preparing for shows and I don't have it tuned to a band tuning currently. I try to plug her in after rehearsal and play at home as much as I can. But today I plugged in after we got done again was just awestruck by how GREAT this guitar sounds. I've got a fairly heavy one, just under 9 lbs and it has all the beef and bottom end to go with it. I have 5909 in the bridge now with the stock 5708 in the neck. It just sounds so damn good. So anyway, thanks for making a killer guitar.

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    Re: Gratitude for the 58

    the SC 58 is a really great guitar. Specially if you don't like the heaviness or darkness of a LP.

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    Re: Gratitude for the 58

    +1 LOVE my Stripped and SC58s! My fav PRS models so far, and ive owned my share.

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    Re: Gratitude for the 58

    I've had a lot of great PRSes, including the old Singlecut models, over the years. But I've gotta say that in the Stripped 58 and SC58, PRS has outdone itself. I've been raving about this guitar on other forums.

    First of all, the guitar has The Tone! The bridge pickup barks, the neck pickup gets creamy, the guitar sounds good just about anywhere you set the controls. You can really hear the woodiness of its sound with the 2 piece bridge...what more could anyone want?

    They play great, they sound amazing, they look great (kudos especially for the design of the bridge, it's not only great sounding, it's functional for string changes and it looks like modern sculpture!).

    I love the Stripper and have an SC on order. That's some love.
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