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Thread: JJ Grey & Mofro - Georgia Theater

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    JJ Grey & Mofro - Georgia Theater

    So, last year's Experience introduced me to JJ Grey & Mofro. I absolutely loved their vibe and sound and was impressed with the showmanship and genuine enthusiasm of JJ Grey. Since then I've bought all of their CDs and they have been on regular rotation on my iPod. This past Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing them headline at the famous Georgia Theater in Athens. I was really looking forward to it because the audience would all be there to see them and not part of a festival environment like Experience. Well, needless to say, they killed it! The crowd was electric and the band sounded amazing. It is so much fun watching JJ Grey perform as it really shows that he loves what he is doing. And he did break out his Starla with some impressive solos. I also noticed a couple of PRS amps lurking in the background as well. My wife is not a big concert-goer and does not usually like my guitar-centric taste in music. However, she came out of that concert with a new favorite band. If you get a chance to see them live, do it!! Just a fantastic fun time!

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    Very cool. I really enjoyed them at this past Experience as well!! JJ Grey is great to watch because he does Love what he is doing, and it shows on-stage.

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    Good to hear, I will do my best to check them out if they come thru town. I thought they had a great vibe at EXP and liked them quite a bit.

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    Having never heard of this guy I watched several YT's today and found him and his band to be really good and entertaining. In some of them he was playing that red PRS Starla I think it is. I like some of his songs a lot, great vibes going on and deep meaning in the lyrics. Did he write a lot of those songs, like "99 Shades", etc.? That one about his grandfather dying on the way to the hospital had to be written by him and it is a really great song.
    "Now all the things that use to mean so much to me has got me old before my time." G. Allman, "Old Before My Time", Hittin' The Note cd.

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