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Thread: Singlecut Balance/Weight

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    Singlecut Balance/Weight

    Just wondering if anyone has/had any issues (or had to do any adjusting) with the weight and balance of the Singlecut/SC models. When sitting down without a strap, I find the body tends to tip towards the ground if I'm not careful with holding/playing the guitar properly.

    This is my first Singlecut style of guitar; I'm mainly used to a Strat-type of body shape. The guitar is a good 8-8.5 lbs; I'm thinking I just need to readjust to this body style..

    ..and just to show off:

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    That is one sexy beast you got there. You posted about this one before, right?

    My only singlecut PRS were an SE One and a SE Tremonti and I noticed they sort of hung differently than all the double cuts I have had. It wasn't bad, just a little different.
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    I have a marsden with tulip tuners it sat good,then I changed to Grover rotomatics and now the neck dips a little.'

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    The rear of the body does seem to be a little weightier then the double cuts. When I first started playing my SC's resting on the leg, moving from an S-type body shape also, it does feel like the guitar wants to shift back; I "feel" that it is due to the smaller length of wood in the cut-away comparatively moreso then an actual balance issue. Now when sitting I usually have the body angled slightly and the rear of the guitar rests on the couch, but I can (and do) sit on a chair with the body hanging over open space without an rearward slippage, it just took a little getting used to. SC's are now my go to guitar as the body shape is a good blend of S-type sitting comfort and V-type standing comfort... and they are less likely to damage my home/family unlike my pointy headstocked superstrats and V's wings.

    So I guess... in affirmation to your post, yes, the body style will need a little getting used to but once your there, your golden .

    edit: well, your already golden... but you know what I mean.
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    I've tried a couple of SE 245 and it's variations, the thick-hog-body is pretty heavy. I can feel the weight while sitting down, it's like pressing down on my thigh. The SE Tremonti is wayyy lighter and more comfortable, but that's just me. Just my personal opinion.

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    Sometimes people will sit with the guitar body on their left leg rather than the right. Generally I think they do it because it puts the guitar in the middle of your body like when you stand up and play. Worth trying if nothing else.

    Great Goldie!

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    Well, since the necks are the same on the single and double-cuts, and the SC body is way thicker, and doesn't have one of the cuts, it should be fairly obvious that the guitar is going to be significantly more body-heavy than one of the other models, and balance somewhat differently on your lap!

    This isn't unusual for this style of guitar at all.

    Yours looks pretty sweet!
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    Mine does the same thing but it's a bit heavier than yours at 9.5 lbs.

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