First Album...gulp...Kiss's "Dressed to Kill" (strictly for the bass in "She") and "Starland Vocal Band"...actually remember loving the harmonies of one of the sappiest love songs ever..."Afternoon Delight" (before I even knew what it meant...wahoooooooooooooooo) . First 8-track (yes, he said 8-track, heh heh) Styx Pieces of 8 (I think??). Hated the way it switched tracks in the middle of Renegade... first Cassette, Steppenwolf VII. My neighbor in Reisterstown had doubles and gave me one. Found the actual CD in a bargain bin couple months back and the songs are so much slower than I remember. (Earschplittinloudenboomer, Hippo Stomp!!) First CD...RUSH, Permanent Waves...with new CD stereo in truck, Spirit of Radio on 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!