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Thread: Wood Library Specs: What would you want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnal View Post

    Oh and non-trem with regular 2 tone / 2 vol
    Agree completely with this. Would like to add if possible SC-250 scale.

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    Clear as mud right?!

    I think the best WL runs have been small tweaks to already great guitars. I guess that's all WL really is when you think about it. I think color and tops rule. If you can secure brilliant tops with colors that aren't normally seen you will win. Take a look at any TGS WL run for example. Those are the benchmark.
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    Insane quilted charcoal burst 408 with a highly figured rosewood neck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSchefman View Post
    Semi-hollow Singlecut with a 2 piece bridge, 408 pickups, and 24.5 inch scale length.
    Exactly what I was thinking....with a Korina back, maple neck and ebony FB.
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    Can't say I'm in a position to buy one, so my opinion doesn't count for much, but something Mira or Santana shaped with a thick back, 24.5 scale, 22 frets, ebony board, 2 piece, and DGT control setup would suit me just fine!
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