Hey folks,

I've been reading up on the Shootout McCartys recently and they seem to be universally praised. I know there were a few runs:

* Original 6 for the 2010 Dallas Show (2x57/08s, 2x59/09s, 2xDGTs)
* 50 post-Dallas (57/08s)
* 10 for the UK distributor, Headline Music in 2010 (57/08s)
* 8 for Musicmesse 2010 (57/08s)

Were there any changes across the runs, or were the specs the same? Did they get any special "tweaks" from a regular McCarty e.g. nuts, electrics etc? I know they had a nitro finish, nice tops and a paisley case.

I think they were all non-PS built as well, and used non-PS woods?