Hi everyone,im from Sweden and a owner of a custom 22 soapbar.To me PRS guitar is a great built guitar with a fantastic feel.A real workhorse guitar with volume and tonecontrols that really works.A concern of mine is actually the way it sound plugged in.Unplugged its the best guitar i“ve ever tried.Plugged in though it sounds kinda flat to me.Hard to describe it,like the midrange doesnt sing .Listening to żoutube vids i actually think SE models sings better.This is really frustrating to me,i love the way the guitar plays.Changing to a Mannmade tremolo opened up the guitar a bit but im not still 100% satisfied .I have add im not a teenager with no conception of tone,been playing for 25 years.Tinkering with strats for many years have really made me understand the difference in tone between an original strat bridge with a steelblock and the american standard with a cast block.Perhaps a PRS tremolo with a steelblock would be something considering.