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Thread: Modding a Zach Meyers

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    Modding a Zach Meyers

    I've joined the forum today to ask a specific question about a guitar I'm planning to build.
    The new Zach Meyers SE, is to me a great looking guitar, not only because of the unbelievable price tag.

    However, I would like split coils, and the guitar that better fits my specifications best is the equally fantastic, yes more pricey S2 single cutaway semi.

    So my question is how difficult would it be to do a mod very similar to this one, installing some 53/10's (though if anyone has other suggestions I'm all ears) and push/pull split coils on the tone pots?

    Or maybe the pickups on the Zach Meyers are ready to be tapped? I would rather start that way, as the pickups may not need changing.

    I'm used to having a soldering iron in my hand, but if I could buy it already done that would be even better.
    The would give me my perfect guitar for around $1400 here in Europe.

    Any pointers most graciously appreciated. For example wiring diagrams, etc.


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    I'm fairly sure the SE245 PUs in the Zach Myers can't be tapped. Having said that it is actually possible to modify a humbucker with a tap wire.

    What would the tapped tones be like? No idea.

    Installing new pickups and coil taps is very simple if you're used to soldering. I haven't really bothered with wiring diagrams when I've done it, it's generally been copying what's already there and then wiring the tap wire of the new pickups to the push-pull so that it is connected to ground when the pot is pulled up (check with a multimeter and you need to solder a bridge wire from another lug of the push-pull to ground).

    This may help:

    53/10s are great pickups, and sound really good tapped, but they are hard to find and commanding a bit of $ now. They typically come with a tap (white) wire but you need to make sure they do (there are non-tappable versions out there).

    Depending on what styles of music you play will influence other pickup suggestions...?

    I recently put 53/10s into a S2 Mira Semi-hollow and they sound great in that, but stock pickups were also very good. I was in the market for a ZM until the S2 Semi-hollows came out. Great guitars for the money!

    Edit - just saw your other post. I'd go the S2 Semi-hollow. US Bridge, better tuners, better electronics, better pickups, better build quality etc. Find one with a top and colour you like and you'll never look back!
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