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Thread: Pros and Cons of late model Custom 24

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    Pros and Cons of late model Custom 24

    Gonna buy a 2013 PRS Custom 24

    What are some of the things I should be aware of with the later models?

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    Pickup variation is one...

    Whereas many moons ago (pun intended) you would only get whatever pickups PRS said you could have, there is now a choice between VB/HFS and 59/09s I believe. Make sure you know what you're getting.

    There is a choice in neck carve as well - Pattern Thin or Pattern Regular.

    Otherwise the 2013 models are nice - birds filled with MOP-esque material rather than the brass 'dirt' from the previous couple years.

    The 2014s are even nicer with a rosewood headstock veneer, but obviously the tonal effect of that is zero.
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    Blade switching vs. 5 way rotary/3 way push pull coil tap!
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    I think the V12 finish on the recent models really gives the guitars a nice vibe (looks just like PRS' nitro finishes, too, based on what I have seen on my acoustics). Whether it sounds better or not I can't say, because there have been other tweaks, but I think the newer guitars really do sound a little more to my liking.
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    I really like the late models as well as the new ones, either would be great.

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    I have a 1991 with HFS/VB and a 2011 Throwback with 59/09s. I think the older Customs give more strat-like single coil tones, if you can put up with the love/hate rotary. The newer ones definitely are less nasal, and the notes more defined with gain.

    Love them both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gush View Post
    PRO- you buy it it's yours CON-you don't buy it somebody else will

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    The new phase III tuners kick butt! Make sure you're comfortable with the position of the new blade switch.

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