I've been absent from this forum for a while as things have been hectic for one reason or another. I've hardly touched my guitar these past few months but recently I was feeling in the mood to play again and had been visiting the site more frequently.

Sadly the past couple of weeks have been the worst of mine and my fiancée's life. I'm not going into details on a public forum, suffice to say we're dealing with it and will be for some time to come I expect. Time heals and all that but what about the now?

I'm finding myself buried in guitar related things again as it's my way of dealing with things. I got into guitar during a tough period in my life and soon realised it had the ability to soothe any troubles but I also feel a tad guilty. Perhaps this is the equivalent of burying my head in the sand?

What about you guys? Do you find the guitar helps with the stresses of everyday life or worse? is it your therapy or just a bit of fun? Perhaps both? I've come to realise there's more important things in life than playing guitar and yet without it I'd be less of a man. That probably sounds daft to none guitar players or to those who only dabble in it on rare occasions. And yet, it has been an integral part of my life for many years now. It's helped fashion who I am, the people I've met and many of the decisions I've made in life. I wouldn't be with the woman I am if it wasn't for the guitar (She's not into guitar but in a round about way it led to me meeting her).

Somehow it doesn't feel that important and yet clearly it is. A paradox I know!

Just how integral is the guitar to your everyday lives?