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Thread: Hybrid Hardware and Pickups...

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    Hybrid Hardware and Pickups...

    After owning only Tremonti's for the past couple of years, I finally splurged and bought myself a 2014 Custom 24 Artist, which I'm starting to enjoy more each day. It's taken me some time to adjust to the weight difference, 24 Frets, and the controls... but I'm enjoying the change, especially the maple neck.

    My biggest gripe is that the 59/09s don't have enough oomph for my needs, where I'm accustomed to the higher output pickups and using a high gain amp, EVH 5150 On my Tremonti's I'm using the Tremonti Bridge combined with the Dragon II neck with coils splits on each. The volume drop on the Tremonti Neck drove me nuts and the Dragon II has been just right for the moment.

    My style usually calls for a warm Jazz creamy neck and a raging in your face bridge. I like the 59/09 neck so far and don't think I need to change that one out just yet, however I need a hotter bridge.

    My CU24 has hybrid hardware and the uncovered Squabbins. and I'm curious if I can just swap the Gold pickup screws to the new pickup choice? I want to make sure I don't mess up any wax or wiring doing so.

    OR, is there a way to order let's say a \m/ pickup(s) uncovered in hybrid to match the existing 59/09 in the neck. This guitar will look stupid with an uncovered neck and a covered bridge.

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    I just wanted to comment on how absolutely gorgeous that guitar is!

    I know this doesn't answer your question (I don't know the answer), but I wonder if something like a good boost pedal in front of the amp might be a different way to solve the issue?
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    That guitar is beautiful I would just make adjustments to the amp,she is just to nice after awhile Iam sure you will find the perfect tone.

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