Saturday the PRS rep made a visit to the local shop. He had an assortment of P22s and 408s as well as four very cool amps. Two were paisley CADs (a Bugs and a Trucks), one was a green tolex HXDA with matching 2x12, the last was a 2 channel H head with a faded charcoal panel.

The shop had a 2011 experience 2 Channel H combo. I loved the cleans so much. The overdrive was really harsh, but I figured I'd use a pedal on the clean channel anyway. I wanted to buy but it sold before I could get the ends together to make the purchase.

When I saw this head I traded my strat and a lump o cash to take it home (with a 1x12 cab in grey black or un-faded charcoal perhaps?).

I've had it two days so I'm still ga-ga goo-goo over it.

here's a phone pic