I went to my local GC on Saturday with no desire to buy another guitar. After all, I just bought a used PRS Sunburst SC 245 with the PF09 Nitro finish. It is on the way and not yet in my possesion.

When I arrived, I stopped and talked with the person I normally deal with. All the PRS's are behind the main checkout counter as you walk into the guitar area. Immediatly, a guitar like I had just purchased, caught my eye. I asked to fondle it. I played it acoustically for a few minutes as we continued to talk. I gave it back, but noticed a ver nice SC 58. I'd never personally seen one, so I repeated the process.

I gave it back, told him I was going to look around, started on my way when I noticed another PRS on the bottom right side of the wall. A beautiful Faded Blue Burst Santana Signature. Again, I asked to fondle this guitar. After a few minutes, he took it to the loud room and plugged it in for me. I fell in love. It was set up very nicely, played easily and sounded great. Long story short, I put a deposit on it before I left.

My wife wasn't very happy with me, but I explained how the guitar spoke to me. She didn't go along with it, but she is a very understanding girl. She is a keeper for sure.