Here's my SE with it's brother:

Funny (now) story is that the day I got this guitar (SE) I was in Seattle on vacation. I actually had got off a cruise ship there headed home on a flight but wanted to go to Guitar Center and look around. I never had owned or had any experience with PRS guitars prior, but the SE was drawing my attention, I played it and loved it right away. I bought the guitar, headed back to the hotel when I noticed I was coughing up blood. I quickly started feeling really, really bad. So I ended up in the ER on IVs with pneumonia. I still flew home the next day, with the guitar in the captain's closet in a gig bag. There was bad turbulence on the flight and along with feeling miserable I was worried sick about the guitar. Turns out it was fine and I got better!

I have modded it quite a bit, some I had to do. For one, the nut had some "sticking" issues where a string would catch and go out of tune. I ended up having a new nut put on along with locking tuners. I also decked the trem and blocked it. The pickups were just something I wanted to try. I found the stock pickups a bit muddy so I installed Seymour Duncan Jazz and JB set as well as new electronics.

It's a great guitar and really awesome workhorse. I also am not as precious about it as I am my 10 Top CU24.

It's a Custom 22 in Grey Black.