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The same pickups can sound different in different guitars. You're playing an Epi, an inferior instrument, compared to the PRS SE. So, it might be a case of the 57 classics making the Epi sound better than it should, or in other words, the pickups don't sound very good because the guitar doesn't sound very good. I don't see why you shouldn't put your best pickups in your best guitar. That seems like a no brainer.

on the other hand, I like to suggest a magnet swap in the SE pickups before replacing. If the SE245 pickups sound too harsh, swap in an Alnico 2 or unoriented alnico 5 magnet. Especially the bridge pickups can be sort of compressed and nasally sounding, swapping magnets can open them up and make them sing, and it only costs a few bucks and takes a few minutes to do.
I dunno, the Epi Tribute model is a pretty nice model. Mostly Gibson spec'd, minus the nitro finish. The PRS does play easier though, could be the thinner gauge strings on it. I'll say that the Epi stays in tune better, whether it's because of the nut, or the better Grover tuners it comes with. Also a hsc and it's $50 less. But I still really like the 245, definite keeper.