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One more question for you guys,
Is it possible to install a locking tremolo bridge on a Singlecut SE without a tremolo? I wonder how it will sound.
I found a nice locking tremolo bridge for 120 dollars. I might buy this one and install on my Singlecut SE which originally doesn't have tremolo bridge.
What do you guys think?

It's possible. It's not easy unless you are good with tools (routers, drills, etc.) You will still have to measure everything out to be sure that the neck angle (if it's a set neck guitar) will allow the new tremolo.
I've installed Floyds on lots of guitars. I did install one on a Les Paul that was originally a stop tail. (I'll put a pic up if I can find it).
I'm a woodworker by trade and have the necessary tools and router templates.
It would be much simpler to do the job an a guitar already routed for a trem like an SE Singlecut Trem.

I've been considering "Floyding" a SE Singlecut or an SE245 but haven't decided yet.

Here's the pics. It's an Epi Les Paul.




This is an SE Singlecut Trem that I gave the Floyd Rose treatment.