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Thread: SE Bernie vs. 245

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    SE Bernie vs. 245

    Asked this question in another thread, but not much so far...anyone have both a Bernie and SE 245? How different are they, and is there enough different in sound to "justify" owning both.

    I have a scarlet red SE245, enjoy the thick sound, but must admit that the Bernie is a real looker...I am having lust, but if it's 99% cosmetic, then it's probably not worth the cash to either trade in or outright buy another...

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    i own both the bernie and a se245...the bernie is a great guitar..i changed the nut..installed a set of gibson burstbucker pros in it,woke the guitar up..also added 047 caps..the stock pickups g&b are subpar.... i also changed the pickups in the 245 to toneriders big improvement....the 245 has a great flametop in the new tortishell.any way there both great guitars...been a player for 40+years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by howard52 View Post
    the stock pickups g&b are subpar...
    I did a magnet swap instead of a pickup swap and was happy with the results at a fraction of the investment. Unoriented rough cast alnico 5. Two for $6 on ebay.
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