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Thread: Customer Service is...

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    Customer Service is...

    Let's just say that my experience has been top notch.
    Matt King ROCKS!
    Just sayin'
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    Re: Customer Service is...

    I agree.
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    Re: Customer Service is...

    All of my customer service issues for the last eight years have been handled by Shawn Nuthall. I have always been treated extremely well by Mr. Nuthall.

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    Re: Customer Service is...

    +1 for Matt King - he sent me schematics for my SE EG (couldn't find them on the web site) same day, and helped me out alot with my recent inquiry about my Mira.
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    Re: Customer Service is...

    I have been well served by both Mr.'s Nuthall and King since '06. It's nice when you can email a manufacturer and get an answer back in a day or two. PRSH must know how important it is to keep a good customer and he shows it by having good service people. Thanks people.
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    Re: Customer Service is...

    I guess here's the place to say a big thank you to Gavin Mortimer at Headline Music, the UK PRS importers/distibuters. Not had much need to call them but the service was 1st class when I did.
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