Checking out the current PRS Artist package options, trying to decide on a rosewood or flamed maple neck. I've played many maple necks, and I've heard mixed problems about solid maple (dead spots, warping, etc) and that two piece (reversed grain) or reinforced multi piece maple necks improve sustain and stability. I've seen many pics of (solid-looking) PRS flamed maple necks and they look amazing. I played a Quatro with a rosewood neck and really liked it. The RW is unfinished (or barely) and I usually don't like that, but the wood is so dense and smooth that I didn't mind. Sounded nice and woody.
Your thoughts on either wood? Tone/sound characteristics? Would a maple neck sound much different? Is solid maple risky? Is it brighter than RW or the stock Mahogany? (consider each type with an ebony fretboard).