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Thread: Basic (noob) questions about the Artist Package

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    Basic (noob) questions about the Artist Package

    Hi guys, I have decided to order an artist package for my first PRS Custom 24 (probably charcoal burst color), was browsing the artist package page and I got some questions:

    They're offering Artist Grade Maple Top as standard appointments and Artist Grade Flame or Quilt as upgrade. So in term of better tops would be like: non 10 top < 10 top < artist grade maple top < artist grade flame/quilt? I'm asking because I only have seen "10 top" and "artist" described in the special order field on the tag at my local guitar stores.

    Brazilian Rosewood is not an option since I'm not in the US so my standard option will be the ebony fretboard/headstock. Should I care upgrading the fretboard into a East Indian Rosewood Neck or it's okay to think that it's just matter of tastes?

    About the neck, there's no standard appointment upgrade for it, so I assume I'll be getting the standard Custom 24 neck that is the Mahogany one, right? And again, what do you guys think about upgrading it onto a Indian one?

    About the headstock and the "back" of the guitar.

    I've seen headstock like these on CU24:

    The first one looks "painted" while the other two looks "natural". I want mine like the first one, or even like the second one. Is the difference because of the wood material?

    The "back" of guitar. I've seen it in "natural" color, others black, orange... Is it decided with the color we chose? I mean, if I take a green color guitar I'll be taking a green colored back?

    Sorry for the my bad English, thanks!

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    The artist grade maple top that is standard is the artist grade flame top. Same thing. Rosewood necks (or maple) vs mahogany is a matter of sonic and feel preference.

    An Indian Rosewood neck will often have a bit more low midrange, and sometimes a little less sparkle on top. But they vary. The feel is terrific. I happen to prefer the mahogany for its tone, but the IRW feel is sweet. The headstock will be a wood veneer that matches the fingerboard if you get ebony, with an inlaid Paul Smith signature to match the birds.

    The colors of the backs vs the color of the top will vary color by color. Some match, some contrast, and some (charcoal burst is an example) are painted a solid color.
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    If you got an ebony fretboard your headstock would match, and look just like the second picture. I got an ebony fretboard with rosewood neck on my artist package and I wouldn't trade that combo for anything. I think those woods add a lot of definition and clarity to the tone. The sealed rosewood neck is super smooth compared to the mahogany finished neck. Either way, you have a hell of a guitar coming!

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    Thanks for the reply guys, decided to place my order.

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