January 5, 9pm - my plane touches down in Boston following holiday break. As we pull up to the terminal, I turn my phone on... voicemail from the landlord. Weird. I listen, and he says there's been a burst pipe in my apartment, with fairly catastrophic damage... not good! I've got multiple guitars, amps, and my drummer's set all in the apartment. I rush home, and miraculously not a single item of music gear got touched! WHEW. Long story short, the heat went out while I was gone, pipes froze... boom, flooded apartment. Luckily my landlord had good insurance on the building.

Fast forward 3 months and tens of thousands of dollars worth of drying out, ripping out, repairing, and replacing, and my place is back in action. Which means my band's practice space is up and running again! We're all finishing our grad program soon, so we're planning one more show in early May. First practice was today, and wow, was it good to turn up the amps and play again.

The damage:

(discovery of a previous fire was a nice surprise for the landlord and I)

And the new, improved jam space:

It's no pro studio, but it does the trick for us. Good to be back in the game!